Seren and Jo love to share how their visitors enjoy their home from home stay. Read below for testimonials from our doggy friends (and their owners!), you can read more about the day to day activity at Finbar’s Friends on our Facebook page.

Claudia the Springer Spaniel

I was so pleased when I found Finbar’s Friend’s, I need occasional “doggy day care” for my lively Springer Claudia, but did not want her confined to a kennel with a small run surrounded by barking dogs.

Claudia, my husband and I passed the entrance exam ! We took Claudia to meet Finbar and he liked her so she was in. Jo is fabulous with the dogs, introducing them gradually and keeping a watchful eye on her charges ensuring they are safe and happy at all times. Claudia loves playing with her new friends in the garden!

Jo looks after Claudia as if she were her own, it is truly home from home.

Ruth from Little Barrow, Cheshire.

Saffie and Monty the King Charles Cavaliers

“Our two Cavaliers, Monty and Saffie have stayed with Joanne a number of times and they have enjoyed the best of everything. Long walks, plenty of attention, company of Joanne’s dog Fin and any others that may be staying but most of all love. What more could you ask for?”

Val and Peter from Tarvin, Cheshire.

Poppy and Barney

Finbars Friends has been a real find. My two dogs love going there. They get plenty of exercise, make new friends, and receive lots of cuddles. I receive texts and photos of my dogs to reassure me that they are doing fine. We are all happy.

Thanks, Jo. And thanks to Finbar for welcoming Barney and Poppy into your home!”

Chris from Crowton, Cheshire.

Pippa the Labrador

“After making a huge decision to purchase a dog and doing our homework, we bought a gorgeous 8 week old Labrador puppy in March. We called her Pippa and she quickly became part of our family.

The decision to buy her wasn’t taken lightly and we were aware that our lives would change and as we were both working we knew we would need help and that would come in the form of family and some outside day care at some point. We contacted and visited lots of doggy day care providers and came across Finbar the Lab and his Mum Joanne. What a find and Pippa started going to stay with Finbar and Jo two or three days every week in early May. Jo sends us text updates and pictures, as she knew how anxious Lisa was about anybody else caring for Pippa. These certainly put our mind at rest. While Lisa was recovering at home or in hospital, Pippa was off having a ball!

Pippa loves it with Jo, Paul, Finbar and his day care friends and now goes two or three times every week with her tail wagging and gets very excited when we arrive because she loves it so much, and we know she is in very safe hands. We know Pippa and we know she loves it at day care. We don’t get a look in when she arrives at the door. And she cries when it time to go home and as we drive away although she soon settles in at home and is very contented after her day socialising, playing and helpful training/guidance
We know without any doubt that Pippa is looked after at Jo’s as much as she is at home with us. I can say it is one of the best decisions we have ever made sending Pippa to Finbar’s Friends. Honestly you won’t be disappointed but shhhh as we don’t want everyone to know!”

Neil and Lisa, Wettenhall, Cheshire.

Pippa says:

“I love my days spent at Finbar’s Friends. I love it so much that when my mum & dad pick me up at the end of the day I never want to leave and cry in the car all the way home.

My days are spent playing with my new friends, putting my paws in all the water bowls, going on lovely walks across fields, being trained as I’m still at that age when I need to be told right from wrong and when it all gets too much Finbar lets me have a nap in his bed. Treats are also never too far away for when I’ve been a good girl!

It’s like a home from home experience but it’s far more fun (but don’t tell mum & dad!)”

Lots of love and licks, Pippa

Georgie the Labradoodle

“I needed to find a dog walker at short notice when my regular one sustained an injury putting him out of action for 3 months!! I have a big daft Labradoodle pup who just loves being around people and dogs, and worried about someone else taking her for walks.  Meeting Joanne (and Finbar) removed those doubts immediately. She really cares about the dogs in her care as if they were her own. Its obvious our dog loves being in Joanne’s house, she cant wait to get there and she comes back absolutely shattered from her day playing with other dogs.  We can go on holiday knowing our dog will have a better time than us, staying with Finbar!

Sarah from Kelsall, Cheshire.