What is Home Boarding?

Home boarding means your dog stays in our house as part of the family, living alongside us, there are no kennels! This provides a much more normal experience for your dog than a traditional boarding kennel and is a great alternative to kennels for dogs.

What does it mean that you are Licensed by the Council ?

To qualify for a licence you have to be inspected by Cheshire West & Cheshire Council’s Animal Welfare Officer to be deemed suitable for day care and overnight home boarding of dogs. There are strict standards and rules that have to be followed, with annual inspections. Unplanned inspections can also occur outside of the annual inspection. In addition public liability insurance is required.

Do you take any dogs?

No, not all dogs are suitable for home boarding, because the dog lives in our home with us we can only take well socialised, friendly, neutered/spayed, house trained, well behaved, non-aggressive, non-destructive dogs.

What will I need to provide for my dog?

For day time care, the dog will only need it’s collar/harness/lead and any medication if required.

For overnight boarding, you will need to provide their normal food, medication if required, collar/harness/lead, treats, favourite toys and clean familiar bedding which will make your dog feel more at home.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated, wormed and have preventative treatment for fleas ?

Yes up to date copies of certificates are required including kennel cough. Confirmation that your dog is also wormed regularly and treated against fleas is also required.

What happens if my dog is unwell whilst I am away?

We will (if local to us) take your dog to your usual Vet, if this is not possible we will use our Vet. You will be contacted and kept up to date with the situation at all times.

My dog is on regular medication, can you administer this?

Yes this is no problem.

Can my dog run free off the lead?

We have secure high fencing, however, if you would prefer your dog to be exercised outside of this area off lead, you will need to complete an off lead authorisation form.